About the Blue Marble

This blog was born on the cliff face over looking the Bay of San Juanico on the west side of the Baja Peninsula.  I was pondering life, the sea was foamy at high tide, and I was startled by a flock of yellow crowned night herons.  Their beauty pulled me from the depths to the present, and I realized that these lovely birds did not flourish in all parts of the world, and that seeing them was a tremendous gift.

Maybe, I thought to myself, I could take this marble – this blue gift from Mark Spalding – and use it as a tool to explore my own conservation efforts, my own ramblings about the magnificence of this planet, my own transformation into a spokesperson for stewardship.

It is my hope, that the Travels of the Blue Marble will allow me to explore diverse aspects of my blue spinning home, and that in sharing them, I can generate a like-minded energy that will travel one person to the next.

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