Sunrise serenity …

April 17, 2010

Marble at sunrise ....

Daylight whispers through translucent clouds, painting a carpet of color across the surface of the sea and wet sand. We walk together in contemplation of oceans and marine life. What can we do to protect the habitat? The species? What skill set can we bring to the table to increase awareness of the human population’s actions?

So many concerned citizens of earth. So many seemingly blind, deaf and dumb to their actions. A greater number more concerned with the bottom line – with immediate profits and corporate success – than with the long term viability of marine life – which ultimately affects all of life on our spinning blue planet.

One comment

  1. The greatest lesson ever imparted to me by Pamala, a sweetheart of long ago and remarkably beautiful, intellegent person, was the ability to ignore significant aspects of the verities of life. That’s a skill of great strength when properly applied. The ability to ignore. Not all of the time, but when there is so much to pay attention to instead. Merely an observation. I wish I could do it better myself. There seems to always be some sort of distruction going on. When one can ignore a lot of that one can observe and appreciate unencombered the ongoing creation of beauty that fills our lives. See the glass more than half full of breath taking nectar, spilling across our ever grateful lives. bjf

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