Dance of the Heron

March 8, 2010

Marble Marvels at Heron Prints

The heron forages at the edge of San Ignacio Lagoon.  His feathered topknot unfurls up the back of his neck in a lacy pattern of reddish hues.  A ruddy heron, his buddies the night heron, great heron, yellow-crested night heron, blue heron, etc … all have passed through in my days by the water.

Dance of the Heron

I marvel at their beauty, their grace, their tenacity, and the extent of their habitat.  Herons can be found spread across the globe with slight shifts in speciation and coloring.

Fish foragers, the herons depend on clean waters and a bountiful supply of small fish that makes up their diet.  Like all seabirds, their health, and the health of their segment of the avian chain of life, depend on us – humans – to stop the degradation of the waters that has been our past, and turn clean water and conservation into items that are not merely spoken about, but acted upon.

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