Lunch with the Marble

February 5, 2010

Mexican Marble

Lunch with the Marble.  A small outdoor ‘eatery,’ Burro Primavera in San Juanico, BCS.  A fishing village, San Juanico can well be said to be off the grid.  City electrical is generated by wind and solar and is in limited quantity.  No new contracts are currently being issued … New construction on lots without contracts must rely on their own solar/wind plants, backed up by generators.

My friends, Cynthia and Cal Wagstaff, built a home that is entirely solar powered with battery back-up.  There’s a strangely satisfying feeling of not pulling anything from a smoke-belching power plant, or river clogging dam.  It’s okay to live with less consumption, and to monitor use creates a constant kind of quiet consciousness about energy usage.

I had placed the marble on the brightly colored tablecloth striped with rays of the same sunlight that was charging up my friends house.  So many ways to conserve.  How to engage more of them in my own lifestyle?

Somehow, living closer to the land seems more and more intelligent.

One comment

  1. It feels good to know that we are using the sun to power our house, we live with lower light and no electrical appliances…also free food…green things from the garden, sun to power the pump to water it

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